Vestry Committees

Executive Committee (Chair:  Rector)

The Rev. Dr. Vicki L. Smith, Rector
Linda Sheetz, Senior Warden
Bryan Irvine, Junior Warden
Mr. Lynn Thompson, Treasurer
TBA, Vestry representative


Finance Committee (Chair:  Treasurer)

Mr. Lynn Thompson, Treasurer
Mr. Van Chang
Ms. Amy Dupuis
Mr. Jim Edwards
Mrs. Shirley Golos
Mr. John Koepke
Mr. Kevin McFarland
Mr. Mike Typer


Buildings & Grounds Committee (Chair:  Junior Warden)

Bryan Irvine, Junior Warden

Sacred Arts Committee (Chair:  Rector)

Mthr. Vicki Smith
Ms. Eva Brown
Mrs. Susan Byler
Ms. Amy DuPuis
Mrs. Allison Malmstrom
Mrs. Linda Stanfill


Stewardship Committee (Chair: Ethel Edwards)

Mrs. Ethel Edwards
Mr. Lynn Thompson, Treasurer
Mrs. Amy Bauer
Mrs. Ginny Becerra
Mrs. Bev Carlson
Mrs. Pat Coleman
Mr. Steve Crowl


Security Committee (Chair:  Scott Ferris)

Mr. Scott Ferris
Mr. Scott Davis
Mr. Bryan Irvine

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