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Garage Sale


Servant Shop/Outreach will be having a garage sale at the church the weekend of April 30 - May 2. Please start thinking about items to donate.


Youth News


Youth Group meets on the 2nd Sunday of every month!  Please join us on 8 March for this meeting!

On March 1st the youth group will be going to the Arab Shrine Circus.

The Buffington/Davis families will be providing breakfast on 22 March.

Youth Group will be hosting the Lenten soup supper on 25 March.

Soup Supper Stories

In their Sandals: Encountering the Characters in 5 Gospel Stories - Wednesday Nights in Lent

Join us after each soup supper for an opportunity to hear and understand familiar stories in new ways. Walk in the sandals of the first disciples, Martha and Mary, the man born blind, and many others. Linda Stanfill and Mother Vicki will be leading this program from 6:15 - 7 pm on Wednesdays in Lent.

Don’t miss it!

Mite Boxes

This year for Lent, St. David’s is returning to the old custom of mite boxes to benefit Episcopal Relief and Development (ERD). You are invited to pick up the booklet of Lenten Meditations and a mite box. Each day as you read the Lenten Meditation put a coin (your mite) in the box. This year’s meditations are centered around the well being of the world’s children and the contents of our mite boxes will be given to ERD’s One Thousand Days of Love campaign to support, sustain and grow their children’s programming around the world.
Booklets and Boxes will be available in the Narthex by the weekly bulletins. Please return your mite boxes on April 19, the second Sunday of Easter.

Stations of the Cross

Around 1990 the Stations of the Cross were “devoutly” donated to St. David’s by a parish family.  They were created from a terra cotta slab by artist Michael Almond, Asst. Professor of Studio Arts at Washburn University. They were not damaged by the fire as they were only displayed during the Lenten and Easter seasons and were stored in boxes in the basement. They are now placed permanently on display in the Sanctuary available for all to see for generations to come.


IRA distributions

Looking for more ways to support St. David’s?  The required minimum distributions (RMDs) from your IRA (not including SEP or SIMPLE IRAs) can be donated directly to a qualified 501 (c)3, such as St. David’s, tax-free. If you’re nearing 70 1/2 or already taking such distributions, talk to your financial advisor or tax planner about this potential way to contribute to the church.

Forward Day-byDay

The newest edition of Forward Day by Day (February - April) is in the narthex for a donation of 50 cents or $1 (please use envelope provided & put in offering plate or under church office door).

St. David's Library

Have you ever checked out a book from the St. David’s Library??  If not, why not give it a try? We have a great selection of books (more than 2,150 titles!) so come in and browse. You can also access the online catalog on our website or stop by the office during office hours.  All checkouts are done in the office.

Hospital Visits


If you or a loved on are admitted to the hospital for care, please call the church office and let us know (or leave a message if no one is available).  This is the only way we get this information.  Thanks!

Are you getting our emails??

Have you been receiving our weekly “This Week at St. David’s” email?  Some people are having trouble finding our emails in their inbox (especially those with Gmail). Gmail puts our emails in your “promotions” tab...please check there and you should be able to find it! As always, let the office know of any problems you might be having so we can help you.


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