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No Breakfast

No breakfast will be served on  Sunday,  25 August.  The Youth Group will provide a continental-style breakfast.  Please plan accordingly!


Weekly Offering Report

Offering Collections 5 August - 11 August, 2019

Plate Collections Budget Variance
Plate $37 $163 ($126)
Pledge $4,354 $6,067 ($1,713)
Non-pledge $105 $256 ($151)


Youth News

St. David’s Youth Group meets on the 2nd Sunday of every month, year around.

THE FIRST DAY OF SUNDAY SCHOOL THIS YEAR WILL BE ON SEPTEMBER 8th!  Grades 7-12 will be attending EPISCOPAL 101 from September 8 through October 13.  This class will prepare youth to be  confirmed in the church on December 8th.  It will be our Sunday School class for grades 7-12, even if you have already been confirmed.

Youth Group will be providing Lunch and a Bake Sale on Sunday, September 8th at 11:30 a.m.  please join us For a Taco/Salad/Potato Bar!  There will be a free-will offering. We will also be having a bake sale, so plan to buy some delicious baked goods.  We are raising money to go to Worlds of Fun at Halloween!

If you have ideas or suggestions, comments or concerns regarding St. David’s Youth Group, please contact Mary Howell directly at church or at (785) 554-6612. Thank you so much!

Brass Band

There are many talented brass musicians that attend St. David’s church.

Who are they? Can we identify them?


These musicians can give their talent to a new musical group here at our beloved St. David’s.  With easy music available, and talent to identify and recruit, let’s start an instrumental ensemble! This group can enhance our religious experience, and give “young” and “not so young” an opportunity to have fun and become more involved at St. David’s.

What next? Who is interested? Who will share their talent? Who can make time for rehearsal?

Call Herschel Stroud at 785-231-7786, or hljlstrouds [at] aol [dot] com (email him).



Episcopal 101

Sunday Mornings (9:15-10a.m.) September 8 through October 13, Mother Vicki will be leading a class we’re calling Episcopal 101.  This class is an introduction to the beliefs, history and practices of the Episcopal Church and St. David’s especially. It’s a great place to bring your questions about our worship services, how we make decisions, who sets the budget and all sorts of other things. The class is open to youth and adults 7th grade and older who are interested in learning more about our church and our faith. Please know that this class takes the place of our confirmation class this year. If you wish to be confirmed on December 8, attendance and participation in this class is expected. Please let Mother Vicki know if you plan to attend.

Feed the Hungry

Matthew 6:1-15
The Story of 5 loaves and 2 fish

Let’s feed the hungry:

Summer offers no break for food pantries. Hunger doesn’t get the attention in the summer that it does during the holiday season, but food pantries are still working to bring in donations and pass them out to the needy. Remember, August is canned tuna meat month.

Sweet corn, peaches, squash, zucchini, tomatoes:  What do these type of produce have in common?  Attention gardeners-food pantries do accept fresh produce!!

Please deliver these items directly to Doorstep.

Forward Day by Day

The newest edition of Forward Day by Day (July-August) is in the narthex for a donation of .50 or $1 (please use envelope provided & put in offering plate or under church office door).

Education for Ministry

The new academic year is about to begin for Education for Ministry (EfM).  Classes will start at St. David's on September 9th, but the Mentors (Lynda Crowl and Earl Olson) need to know if you would like to participate by August 28th.  Scholarships may be available if cost in a consideration.

For more information on EfM, please click HERE.

Did You Know?

In 1961, groundbreaking for the church’s new house of worship began. The building featured a massive freestanding altar that allowed the
priest to face the people during the Eucharist. 

Hanging on the wall behind the altar was a 300 Pound Christus Rex produced in bronze and mosaic by Kansas artist Lester Raymer of Lindsborg.

Included in the building structure was a pair of stones from the medieval-era cathedrals of St. David’s Cathedral in Wales and St. Paul’s in London.

Road work

The city of Topeka is working on 17th Street beginning Friday, 19 July.  Expect delays getting to the building during this work!



Full depth pavement repairs (2" mill and 2" overlay)

Paving work on the street is tentatively scheduled to start the week of July 19th and completed by September 5th.

Access to driveways and street parking will be limited for periods of time while work is completed.

The paving will occur as follows:
1)  The east bound lane from Fairlawn to Macvicar
2)  The west bound lane from Macvicar to Fairlawn

The center turn lane will be used for thru traffic during the project.

Inquiries concerning issues can be directed to Bettis Asphalt (785-235-8444).

Everyone involved with the project is aware of the inconveniences created by the construction, but with your cooperation we hope to construct a quality project in a timely manner


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