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Weekly Offering Report

Offering Collections 3 June - 9 June, 2019

Plate Collections Budget Variance
Plate $38 $163 ($125)
Pledge $2,781 $6,067 ($3,286)
Non-pledge $220 $256 ($36)


Electronic Sign

Many have noticed that our electronic sign at 17th & Gage seems to be static - the slides haven't changed.  Some have noticed that it is saying the temperature is 30 degrees and has been for some time.

No, we have not been lazy and to update the sign.  Around Easter the person in charge of the sign noticed he could not connect to the sign any longer.  After a lot of back and forth with the people who make the sign, we found out that it is not a software problem, or a connection problem on our end.  All the interior wiring is still functional between our system and the interior antenna to the sign.

The problem is somebody stole the exterior antenna mounted on the back of the sign, as well as the temperature sensor.  Thus we cannot send or receive any communications from it.  The sign manufacturer is working on building/shipping new equipment to us and once we have it we will get it installed.  We do not know how much longer that will be.

Lawrence church sponsors art auction

The Vestry of Trinity, Lawrence, has planned an art auction as a fundraiser for the church. It will take place at the church, 1011 Vermont Street in Lawrence, on Saturday, June 29 from 1 – 5 p.m.  Works to be auction have been created by members of the parish as well as others in the Lawrence Community.  The blue grass band Sissy and Earl will provide entertainment, and refreshments will be served.

Admission is free, and all are invited to attend.

Used with permission.  Reprinted from the Diocese of Kansas Diolog

Deacon Mary Named Diocesan Disaster Coordinator

Deacon Mary has accepted the position of diocesan disaster coordinator, to work with Episcopal Relief & Development.  Mary will begin to create a disaster coordination plan, in conjunction with the diocesan office, and will begin to work with congregations on how they can plan for disasters that might affect the church, members of the congregation or the surrounding community.

Used with permission.  Reprinted from the Diocese of Kansas Diolog.


As our choir wraps up the Academic year, we want to say a HUGE THANK YOU for the many wonderful ways you enrich our worship. Enjoy a well deserved rest - we look forward to having you back in the fall.

Site Content Updates

To all,

I apologize for several delays in getting content updated on our web site.  Due to a "perfect storm" of events all converging at once, I have run behind on getting things uploaded.  That is now being rectified:

1.  The Vestry minutes page has been updated and been brought up to date with approved minutes/reports (http://www.stdavidschurch.com/VestryMinutes).
2.  The Sermons page has been updated with videos going up to 5 May.  Sermons from other than Mother Vicki are indicated on the page as well (http://www.stdavidschurch.com/content/sermons).
3.  The news feed was getting rather sparse.  New articles are being published just about every day this week to fill it back out (http://www.stdavidschurch.com/node).
4.  The site software itself needed an overhaul which I had postponed until I could provide it full attention.  That is finally done.  

I've also added a direct link to the ATT page on the quicklink bar which is prominently visible on all pages.  I hope to finish getting the sermons up to date by the end of the day on 16 June.

Thank you for your patience while I'm working through all this!

Bryan Irvine
Web site Administrator

Daughters of the King

A reminder:  There will be no meeting for the Daughters of the King in June or July.


Alleluia Fund Grant Applications Now Open

Pentecost – June 9 – marks the opening the period to submit applications for grants from the diocese’s Alleluia Fund.

A copy of the application form is being mailed to all churches, but it also is available on the diocesan website, http://www.episcopal-ks.org/life/Mission-and-Outreach.php.

Grants made through the Alleluia Fund are to match church funds for a project that supports the mission of enabling parishioners to fulfill their baptismal covenant to serve as Christ’s hands and feet in the world.

Grants will be considered for one-time projects, with a maximum of $3,000 to be awarded per grant. Since these are matching grants, applying congregations need to provide an equal or greater amount. Only one grant per parish per year will be awarded.

Applications will be accepted from June 9 to Aug. 16.  All applications will be reviewed by the Alleluia Grant Task Force, and an Alleluia mentor will be provided to assist as needed during the application process. Upon evaluation, the Task Force will provide award recommendations to the Diocesan Council of Trustees for final approval.  Alleluia Grants will be awarded annually during Diocesan Convention.

Used with permission.  Reprinted from the Diocese of Kansas Diolog.

Volunteer Opportunity

We are currently seeking volunteers to usher during our weekend services. If you are interested please call the St. David’s office at 272-5144 or you can send an e-mail to Office [at] stdavidschurch [dot] com.

Note about our Security System

We need to let everybody know some important things about our security system.  This is in regards to false alarms, and questions that have come in.

When the alarm is active (generally from 10pm-6am, except on Thursdays), your electronic keycard WILL NOT WORK.  The card reader will beep and flash red and green, and the door will not unlock.  When the alarm is in active mode, only those with an actual PHYSICAL KEY will be able to get into the building.  Even then, you must have a card to be able to shut down the alarm which will trip if you do not scan your card at the stations by the narthex and office entrance doors.

Even after the shutdown time comes, the alarm WILL REMAIN ACTIVE until the first person with a valid keycard scans in.  If the alarm is scheduled to turn off at 6am, but nobody comes in until 3pm, then the alarm will remain on until the person who comes in at 3pm scans their card and comes in.  Again, if you use a physical key, please have your electronic keycard ready just in case you are that first person!

Although the west parking lot and office doors can be programmed to be open at certain times, those programs will not run if the alarm is still active.  Example:  an event may need the parking lot door open on a Saturday at 9am.  However, nobody with a keycard has scanned in yet, so the alarm is still active.  This means the door will NOT automatically open.  However, once a person with a valid card scans it, the alarm will shut down AND the door program will engage.  Such situations need further action by the Building Manager/Jr. Warden if the party in question does NOT have an electronic keycard.

If you have further questions, please contact the bryan [dot] irvine [at] stdavidschurch [dot] com (Building Manager.)


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