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New Sign!

The antique sign we had on 17th street in front of the office finally broke this winter due to age.  It was not feasible to repair it.  However, we now have a new sign in place that looks very similar!  This sign is made of a strong, weather resistant foam, making it lighter and longer lasting.

St. David's Library

Have you ever checked out a book from the St. David’s Library??  If not, why not give it a try? We have a great selection of books (more than 2,150 titles!) so come in and browse. You can also access the online catalog on our website or stop by the office during office hours.  All checkouts are done in the office.

Forward Day-by-Day

The newest edition of Forward Day by Day (May-July) is in the narthex for a donation of .50 or $1(please use envelope provided and put in offering plate or under church office door).

Daughters of the King

The Daughters of the King will not meet during the months of June and July.  Our next scheduled meeting is August 11, 2018.
The Mary and Martha Chapter of the Daughters of the King meets at 10:30am on the second Saturday of each month except June and July.  For more  information, please call Diane Bernheimer  (232-1066) or Judy Salmon (267-4337).


Latest Edition of The Messenger

The June edition of our monthly newsletter "The Messenger", is available by clicking HERE.

A limited amount will be available for pickup at the office.

Doorstep for June - Canned & Powdered Milk

During the month of June, donations to Doorstep are powdered and canned milk.  Remember, children are out of school during the summer months, so there is a greater need for these items. Also, any non-perishable food items are appreciated. It is difficult to get as many donations in the summer months, so please keep Doorstep in mind when doing your grocery shopping.

New Signs

At the April Vestry meeting, they authorized the purchase of two new signs for our property. One will simply replace our sign on 17th St that fell and broke over the winter. That sign will be made of a strong, weather resistant foam that will make it much lighter and longer lasting.
The other sign is the electronic sign on the corner of 17th and Gage- the one we've been talking about for a long time.  The funding for this sign comes from unused 2017 endowment funds, 2018 endowment funds, a $5000 anonymous donation and up to $5000 from the Parish Life Committee (who've been raising funds for this sign for several years.)  Scott Davis is donating the brickwork and we are getting bids for the electrical work.  Work on the sign should begin in June, with final installation in 10-12 weeks.  We are excited about these new opportunities to increase our visibility in the community.

Update from the Bishop Search Committee

All seems quiet right now (as of 10 May 2018), as the committee has turned its attention to conducting reference checks on the remaining applicants. Additionally, each applicant has been matched with a shepherd from the Search Committee, who is staying in regular contact during this phase of the process.

The Search Committee is currently planning the details of the discernment retreat, which will take place with applicants from Friday, June 8 to Monday, June 11.

The discernment retreat provides the committee an opportunity to get to know the applicants much better and to have deep conversations with them about vision, mission and ministry. Equally important, the retreat allows applicants to further discern their call as bishop of the Diocese of Kansas.

The Search Committee will meet for the last time on June 15 to discern the slate of candidates to present to the Council of Trustees on June 20.

The Council of Trustees will announce the slate on June 21.

The committee is grateful for your ongoing prayers for its work, as well as for the applicants.

Summer Lunch Program 2018 Starts June 4

Are you starting to make plans for summer?  If so, we hope that you will set aside a couple of hours a week to join us in welcoming kids and their parents for lunch beginning June 4 – July 13; 11:00 A.M. to Noon Monday through Friday. You may recall that 2017 was our first year. We served 665 meals to kids and their parents. We look forward to serving at least this many again this year, and that’s where you come in.

We will need a cadre of volunteers to make this work. We learned a lot last year about what to expect.  We found that some people felt more comfortable serving food than working with the kids and vice versa. So to accommodate that, when you volunteer this year, you will be able to choose whether you prefer working on the food service team or on the activities team. You will generally work on a day (or days) of your choosing from 10:30 A.M. to 12:30 P.M.

If you were a volunteer last year, we have your email address and very soon you will receive an email from Vicki Buening, the volunteer coordinator, to select your preferences. If you don’t hear from her by May 4, she asks that you reach out to her.

If you did not work last year, you are more than welcome to join us this year and we’ll ask you to reach out to Vicki either by phone or email. She will need your email address and phone number for contact purposes. She is also more than happy to answer any questions you have about volunteering. 

Vicki Buening can be reached via vbuening [at] outlook [dot] com (email )or phone at 633-6977 (voice or text).

If you are new to St. David’s and would like more information about this program, please speak up. We are proud of what we accomplished with this program and are happy to provide you more information.

2018 Summer Lunch Program Coordinators:  Vicki Buening, Kathy Fries, Mary Jo Jackson, Diane Bernheimer, Mary Becker


Hospital Visits


If you or a loved on are admitted to the hospital for care, please call the church office and let us know (or leave a message if no one is available).  This is the only way we get this information.  Thanks!


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