The Council of Trustees is the Ecclesiastical Authority in the absence of the Bishop
The Reverend Dr. Vicki L. Smith,  Rector
Deacon Harry Craig
Deacon Annie Hedquist
Deacon Mary Becker
Dr. Kristi Baker,  Director of Music

Vestry Members
Mrs. Peggy Shaverdi, Senior Warden (2018)
Mrs. Lynda Crowl, Junior Warden (2019)
Mrs. Jennifer Typer (2018)
Mr. Michael Francis (2018)
Mr. Chris Holman (2019)
Mr. Bob Exon (2019)
Mr. Tuck Duncan (2020)
Mrs. Shirley Golos (2020)
Mr. Mike Becerra (2018) *
Mr. Lynn Thompson, Treasurer
Mrs. Mary Hillin, Clerk of the Vestry

* Appointed to vacated spot.  Eligible for election to fill the remaining two year term at the next annual meeting.
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Vestry and Parish Documents