Vestry elected new senior leadership at the April 25th regular meeting of the Vestry.  The sitting Senior Warden stepped down, and the new Senior and Junior Wardens were elected.

BUNTING-TOD-88Tod Bunting stepped down as Senior Warden as of 25 April.  His term normally would have ended after the 2017 annual meeting, but he agreed to stay on for an additional 60 days after the selection of our new Rector.  Being the senior warden during an interim time is quite challenging, and Tod has done a wonderful job. Thank you, Tod, from everyone at St David’s! We will formally thank Tod on Sunday, May 21, during the service.


SHAVERDI-PEGGY-94Peggy Shaverdi has accepted the call as our new Senior Warden, effective 25 April.





CROWL-STEVE-64Lynda Crowl has accepted the call to be our new Junior Warden.  Lynda’s ministry as Junior Warden will be more focused on organizing, coordinating, and planning, as we now have a Building Manager to handle the day-to-day, hands-on building tasks.


mikebecerraMike Becerra was appointed to fill the Vestry slot vacated when Tod Bunting stepped down. He will fill that seat until the next Annual Meeting, when he will be eligible for election to the remaining two year term of that seat.


IRVINE-BRYAN-49Although no longer on the Vestry, Bryan Irvine has been serving as building manager since the end of his Junior Warden term (January 2017), and we are grateful that he has agreed to continue in that role. His expertise and commitment are irreplaceable!  Bryan will continue doing the day-to-day, hands-on building tasks.