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Winter Musings

Winter Musings

A lot has been happening here at St. David's.  Have you noticed?

I'm not talking about our ordinary activities, which we seem to grow numb to.  Look at our monthly calendar and you can see how active our building is in both our church and outside community.  From various support groups, sporting activities (pickleball, anybody) and interest groups (a quilting group just chose to start meeting in our building) to internal uses such as bible groups, Education for Ministry, and Daughters of the King, many people use our facility - and that is a GREAT thing even if it keeps me busy.

January brought a high profile diocesan youth event to St. David's when Miqra arrived during MLK weekend.  This year, due to construction at Grace Cathedral, we hosted both Senior and Junior high groups in a "megamiqra."  We may have had a fair bit of snow that weekend but it did not stop the fun.  The participants made it through the entire bible and even read from the apocrypha before the event ended on Monday morning.

When adult education started this year, it quickly outgrew the conference room so had to be moved to the St. Phillip's Room (SPPR).  Although it provided the necessary space, the seating in there left a lot to be desired, and the room provided no audiovisual support for the lectures and lessons being presented.

January saw the purchase of a 55" flat screen TV for use in that room.  It was put to use almost immediately once I managed to get it mounted and the various cables ran.  We now have the ability to do presentations in that room, via computer (although the presenter will need to bring the computer or laptop) or DVD.  It would be nice to have a computer in there full time, but that likely is down the road a bit.

Speaking of the seating in the SPPR, the Vestry has authorized the purchase of several tables and chairs to replace the plastic folding tables in there now, and provide more comfortable seating than the plastic chairs and heavy pew chairs in that room now.  Hopefully all that will be installed soon, but I don't have any dates for that as of this publication.

The web site is also humming along.  I often wonder how many people look at our site.  I try to put new things on it frequently.  The news feed, accessed from the "Recent News" button (along with the "Church News" entry in the the Socialzone toolbar button) is usually updated three to five times a week.  As information on services change, I will post that as soon as possible.  When weather is a factor, information regarding that will usually be found on our home page.

The web site also contains information on our leadership, and how to reach them.  All our regular publications, including Vestry minutes, ATTs, Messengers, and Annual Meeting information are there for your viewing pleasure.  Please check the site frequently for the latest information that effects our parish.  If you wish to suggest things for the web site, please  webadmin [at] stdavidschurch [dot] com (email )me!

We are approaching Lent and then Easter.  Spring is coming! 

Peace be to you all!

This month's blog is from Bryan Irvine
He is our building manager and web site administrator

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