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Shaking off the COVID Delays

To all - I would like to deliver a huge apology.  Ever since the coronavirus lockdown started, I have been slipping a bit in my webmaster functions.  I could come up with excuses:

  • Lockdown depression
  • Web site overload
  • Other church projects
  • Work overload at my job
  • Vacation
  • Laziness

None of these are really a good excuse.  But some explanation of some of the above:  I was never really depressed during the lockdown.  I was disappointed in how my fellow citizens reacted (I can't count how many masks I have not seen being worn, or worn incorrectly).  But I digress.

One of my fellow stewards for our union local at the VA was taken out of action in mid-June, thrusting all the work on me and the safety officer.  That, coupled with brining on line our new Local Union web site, our new self-managed email syste, and our new non-government phone system tied up my time for a few weeks.  My time is still largely tied up during the day and early evenings as our VA is refusing to grant our officers any official time, pushing the entire load onto two of us since mid-June.  So now I'm running two web sites, taking on a huge union case- and work-load, and dealing with some malaise due to canceled diocesan youth events.  That malaise fed into my laziness.  Finally, I went out of a town for a week on a much needed vacation in the Smoky Mountains National Park.

I've shaken all that off now.  This afternoon (6 September) the following has been updated on our site:

  • The Care Core Ministry page has been updated with the correct lead.
  • The Staff page has been corrected with our new Director of Youth Ministries who is coming on board.
  • The ATT page has been cleaned out, and the page now shows the publications since the office started publishing them again in mid-July
  • Vestry minutes for June and July are published, and that page is up-to-date
  • Sermons are now available - they are taken off the Zoom feed from the new Video Camera

I plan on updating the core web software tonight, so the site may be offline for a bit while I do so.  Over the next week I'll begin rebuilding all the news feed articles.

I appreciate the trust that has been shown in me as the site administrator.  I hope to live up to that trust!

Bryan Irvine
Website Administrator.


I have had to get a new email address and my old email has been deleted in error by the store checking my computer for malware,etc. Can you please have someone put the link to the weekly services on the website. I want to worship but can't because I no longer have the link or am able to receive the bulletin at this time. Thank you

Deb - the link is available on the site by looking at the ATT page.  Go to the menus at the top, hover over the "Publications" button in the toolbar, then select "ATT (Weekly)".  The latest ATT will have the link contained in it.

We don't publish it on the main site (including the services page) for security reasons.

If you contact the office, you can have them update your email address.  Contact them at 785-272-5144.  If they aren't there, include your new address in the voicemail you leave them so they can get it updated!

Bryan Irvine
Site Administrator

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