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Satterthwaite Thanks

To our St. David's Family,

We wanted you to know how much we appreciate the spiritual and financial support we have received.  What a giving parish with such large hearts! We are truly blessed!  For those who don't know, we have been home since November 10th.  Mary Anne is doing well. More energy, less restrictions now and was even able to help cook Thanksgiving dinner for us and her siblings!  We are still going back to the KU Med Bone Marrow Transplant clinic about every 10 days and we are still being vigilant about minimizing a chance for complications by avoiding "high germ potential".  As I have told many folks we felt prayers as they were needed.  We are so grateful for Jesus healing power through all of you.  Please share this in whatever fashion you see fit.  Your (St. David’s) ability to give us the peace of Christ through this challenge was amazing!

God's blessing to all!
Scott, Mary Anne and Lisa Satterthwaite

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