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Parish Life

St. David’s is a caring community that has roots in the community, but also is always seeking ways to reach in to the parish as well, finding ways for parish members to engage one another.  Our Inreach Ministry is charged with this.  Steve Crowl chairs this committee.

The Inreach Ministry’s mission is to insure that parishioners have opportunities to care for one another, share with each other and continue their spiritual journey.  It is divided into several groups, including a very active Parish Life committee led by Barb Waters.

Parish Life organizes our St. David’s Day luncheon, as well as other meals during the year such as the annual Lenten Soup Suppers.  They have also sponsored other meals throughout the year, ice cream socials, and so much more.

A major event put on by Parish Life is the annual Holidy Bazaar.  It is now in its eighth year and is the major fundraiser for our parish family.  The Bazaar offers numerous handmade gifts, stocking stuffers, and includes a bake sale.    This year’s Bazaar will be on November 4th from 8am through 4pm. Breakfast will be available for purchase that morning as well.

Parish Life always welcomes anyone who would like to be a part of the team, and always appreciates extra hands during the Bazaar. If interested in helping out, or if you would like to join the Parish Life team, feel free to contact watersrptgtopeka [at] aol [dot] com (Barb Waters)!


Barb Waters

This month's blog is by Barb Waters.
She leads the Parish Life committee

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