Outreach Plans for reaching out even more in 2018

As we begin a new year, Outreach Ministry has new and exciting plans.  Of course, we will continue with our monthly lunches every fourth Wednesday at Let’s Help, monthly collections in the bins in the narthex, and sales from the Servant Shop. 

In January, we will continue our long tradition of supporting Doorstep by joining with three other congregations to fill the food pantry and help in the clothing bank.  For more details and to participate, contact Sharon Koepke at 478-1329.

Also in January we will be holding meetings to discuss building on our ministry for children in need.  2017 was our first year to serve for six weeks as a site for the Summer Lunch Program with USD 501 as sponsor.  We are recommending that this not only be continued but that we explore expansion during the summer and, possibly, after school during the school year.  Keep on the lookout for the meeting dates and times.

We have recommended that St. David’s join 20 other congregations in Shawnee County and become a member of Topeka JUMP.  The Vestry will be considering this when it meets in January.  For more information about Topeka JUMP, go to topekajump.weebly.com

We have several other new activities that will be considered when we meet during 2018. Our meetings are at the church on the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm.  ALL ARE WELCOME!

This month's blog is from Larry Buening

Larry chairs the Outreach Committee

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