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Linda Sheetz

Linda Sheetz

Senior Warden

seniorwarden [at] stdavidschurch [dot] com (email Linda)

Linda was born in Topeka and graduated from Topeka High School.  She then attended the University of Kansas and Washburn University.

She became engaged to Jay in 1962, who was a member at St. David's.  She was baptized by Fr. Bruel and in December 1962 she and Jay were married at St. David's.  Her four sons were also baptized at St. David's. 

Over the years, she has taught Sunday School, served on Altar Guild (including being the Directress), served on the Outreach Committee, cooked at Let's Help, delivered the November donations to Rescue Mission and Doorstep, volunteered for Sharefest, played in the Bell Choir, served as a member of the Search Committee, and helped out in the Parish when needed.

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