Junior Warden Insights

Do you notice all the things that need to be repaired, cleaned, replaced, and straightened up when you are in St. David’s? Like many other things in my experience, the Jr. Warden has a whole lot more work to do than I ever noticed when someone else had the responsibility. Hiring someone to scrape the parking lot and sidewalks when it snows, turn off the sprinkler system, arrange to have the fire safety and security systems monitored and repaired, get parishioners together to clean, have the carpets cleaned (have we ever done that in this building?), schedule the electrician to have bulbs and ballasts replaced, evaluate the work done and deciding if we need to change vendors - this is just a small sample of what Junior Wardens do. 

Thank goodness someone stepped up to get rid of that ugly storage shed that we haven’t used in a few years.  We still need to find someone to haul off that ugly, faded sign at the east end of the church.

We now have several security cameras monitoring entrances and movement at doors and in hallways, while being sensitive to the privacy of those who use our building.

All of this requires input from and approval from the Vestry! 

One last note - our parking lot is in need of repairs or refurbishment.  The Vestry and I are aware of this and are looking at various options for this work.

This month's blog is from Lynda Crowl
Lynda is our Jr. Warden

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