It's Beginning to look a lot like....STEWARDSHIP!

Stewardship, stewardship, stewardship - it’s that time of year again! Do you ever think, “Can’t we skip it this year?”

Maybe we could be one of those churches that require that 10% tithe up-front like a contract. Maybe we could be one of those churches that have audiences every week of 600 and more. Would it surprise you to know these Mega-churches like Lakewood in Houston have very sophisticated stewardship programs? These places plan it, preach it, teach it and study it!

I’m not suggesting that St. David’s be more like one of those places but I am convinced that stewardship is a way of life. All things come from God and we must take care of those gifts of life every day, and not just the last quarter of the year we designate as a time for the stewardship campaign.

We do that through our service to the various agencies we support and the ministries here in the church. We do that through our Eucharist and the healing we provide each other. Sooo let's hear that “S” word one more time!



This month's blog was from Steve Crowl
Steve chairs the Inreach Committee



You can watch Steve's Stewardship kick-off reflection by clicking HERE.

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