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Building Use Request

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Building Use Policy
St. David's Episcopal Church


We would like to welcome you to our facility.  We hope it will meet your needs and that you will feel comfortable using our facility.  We permit some outside use of our building as a service to the community.  At the same time, any group using our building, whether they are members of our community or not, means extra janitorial service, staff time, equipment use, utilities expense, and general building wear.

We request that all persons supervising such use familiarize themselves with our general rules and make sure that everyone in their group uses our building with respect, care and the utmost of safety.

We believe that our building should be used in a spirit of Godly stewardship and we want to enable groups and persons to use our facilities in ways that are consistent with the goals and purposes of the Episcopal church.

To ensure that our building is used appropriately and carefully, St. David's requires that every group fill out the Use of Building Request Form.  It should be received at least thrirty days prior before the activity is scheduled.  The Rector will review your request and verify the availability of facilities and equipment needed and determine appropriate security deposits and use fees.

The Rector reserves the right to refuse building use.

No outside door, or inside fire door is permitted to be "propped-open" at any time.  Do not allow unauthorized persons to enter while you are using the facility.

The responsiblity for all church functions is vested with the Rector and the Vestry of St. David's Episcopal Church.

General Rules of Usage

  1. St. David's does not allow smoking in our building.  Possession or use of any illegal drugs is strictly forbidden.  Facilities are to be left clean and in good working order.  It is the responsibility of each group to report any breakage or damage and pay any fees necessary to replace or repair such items if the cost exceeds the security deposit paid.  Extra custodial (sexton) services (in addition to the sexton fee) may be required to return the facility to its proper condition.
  2. You may serve complimentary wine and beer at social functions with the proviso that non-alcoholic dirnks also be provided in like quantity and selection.
  3. All security procedures must be followed.  Having a key to our center or other doors is not enough.  A security person will be appointed for your event.  He/She will have proper keys and will keep doors locked or unlocked as needed.  Under no circumstances are doors to be propped open.  This compromises the safety of the building itself and everyond inside.
  4. Audiovisual equipment is available.  Our staff will setup and will assist you in its operation.  There may be an extra fee for the use of our audiovisual equipment with the exception of the PA system.
  5. Telephones are available in the building.
  6. Permission for use of the building is not blanket permission, and permission for a series of meetings is contingent upon proper use each time.
  7. Children must be supervised at all times.
  8. St. David's makes it facilities availabe in a spirit of generosity and good will.  Those who use it do so at their own risk and agree not to hold the church liable for any mishap.  We ask that anything you do not want thrown out be taken nwith you when you leave.  Outside groups should carry liability insurance and provide evidence of the same before use is confirmed.
  9. At the conlusion of use, the group should make sure all the lights are turned off and that all doors are securely shut and locked.  Failure to comply with any of these policies will be grounds for termination of this agreement and denial of use by the offending group.


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