Audio-Visual upgrade updates

It brings me a tremendous amount of joy to finally be moving forward on our project to upgrade the parish's audiovisual worship systems!  We started this journey almost a year ago and talked to a LOT of people.  Some of viewed other church worship presentations on-line.  Some of us visited other churches with equipment similar to what we were considering.  Then we met and hashed out what we were looking for, and what company would best suit our needs.

After months of work, we finally agreed on a bid from a company in Kansas City that specializes in such work specifically for churches, Stark Raving Solutions (SRS).  We presented it to the Vestry, who made the decision to move forward.

We had sincerely hoped to debut the upgrades for our Christmas services.  However, the necessary electrical infrastructure was not there for SRS to work that quick.  We need new circuits to handle the LED screen, the LED TV on the back wall, and the power control for the LED screen.  We have contracted to have that work done, and it will hopefully done either right after Christmas, or right after the New Year.  Based on that, we hope to have all the new equipment installed by SRS by the end of January. 

We have just procured the TV for back by the AV booth, along with the computers, monitors and mounts to control everything.

What does all this entail:

  1. Removing the existing 16-channel analog audio mixer and replacing it with a 48-channel digital mixing desk.
  2. Removing the old SD analog camera from above the AV area.
  3. Removing our current digital HD camera from the back of the nave.  It is going to be relocated elsewhere in the building.
  4. Removing the existing joystick controller.
  5. Removing the last old LCD monitor from the AV area.
  6. Removing the laptop from the AV area (it can be used elsewhere in the building).
  7. Retiring two of the old wireless bodypack mics used by clergy, and their old mic cables.
  8. Retiring the podium mic.
  9. Putting a new podium mic in place.
  10. Putting in new mics/stands for the choir to reduce cable clutter.
  11. Adding a new microphone for the organ.
  12. Adding two new wireless bodypack mics and new cables for the clergy.
  13. Adding three new HD PTZ cameras in the nave, along with all the switching equipment necessary to move them and switch between them.
  14. Mounting a 75" LED TV above the main doors into the Nave for the clergy to be able to see what is being presented to the congregation.
  15. Installation of a 6.75' x 12' LED screen on the back wall of the Nave centered between the organ and the Christus Rex.
  16. Installation of computer equipment to control the screen and live-streaming.

All this will not only enhance worship for all in the building, but will also provide a much improved experience for those wathching online!

We don't know exactly when this will all be taking place, so watch here and the ATT for updates!

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