Vestry members are elected to a three year term during the Annual Meeting.  Three positions are filled during the Annual Meeting to fill in the positions of those who have reached the end of their term.  The Rector appoints the Senior Warden of the Church, and the Senior Warden appoints the Junior Warden, Secretary, Treasurer and other committee heads with the consent of the other Vestry Members.


Linda Sheetz (2021)

Senior Warden
Vestry liaison for the Outreach Committee


Bryan Irvine (2022)

Junior Warden
Chair, Buildings & Grounds Committee

Stacie Davis (2020)**

Asst. Liasion for Education Activities

Tuck Duncan (2020)


Shirley Golos (2020)

Vestry liaison for Adminstrative activities
Vestry liasion to the Executive Committee

Steve Acker (2021)

Vestry liaison to the Education Ministries

Brett Bauer (2021)

Vestry liaison to the Worship Committee 

Steve Crowl (2022)

Vestry liaison for the Inreach Committee

Christie Wedeking (2022)

Vestry liaison for the Care Ministry


Lynn Thompson

Chair, Finance Committee

Patricia Coleman

Clerk of the Vestry

**Filling one year term.  Eligible for new 3 year term at next annual meeting

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