The Right Reverend Cathleen Chittenden Bascom, Bishop of the Diocese of Kansas
<Currently Vacant>, Rector
Deacon Mary Becker
Deacon Carl Edwards

Jim Edwards, Senior Warden
Mike Homan, Junior Warden

St. David's Vestry:

Ms. Amy DuPuis (2023)
Mr. Jim Edwards (2023)
Ms. Betsy Hamm (2023)
Mr. Dennis Hodgins (2024)
Mrs. Courtney Stemler (2024)
Ms. Meredith Williard (2024)
Ms. Susan Hack (2025)
Mr. Mike Homan (2025)
Ms. Rhonda Eneking (2025)

Mr. Brett Baur, Treasurer (Non-voting)
Mrs. Patricia Coleman, Clerk (Non-voting)

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