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Confirmation Retreat

A weekend retreat using the book My Faith, My Life, to prepare young people for confirmation in the Episcopal Church. Students may then be confirmed in their home parish or at the Easter Vigil at Grace Cathedral.

When: December 6-8, 2019
Where: Grace Cathedral, Topeka
Who: grades 8-12
Fee: $55 ($70 after November 22)
Registration: Register: https://tinyurl.com/EDOKYCR19

Offered in odd years.

Questions? Contact Michael Funston, Associate for Youth and Campus Ministry, mfunston [at] episcopal-ks [dot] org.



MIQRA (meek-rah) is a weekend retreat that focuses on the Bible and allows teens to discover what’s in it, why we should care, and how to read it.

What’s with the name?
“MIQRA” is a Hebrew word, which means “reading,” and refers to the ancient Jewish practice of gathering at the local synagogue to hear a public reading of scripture, thus it was also sometimes used to mean, “Bible.”

Is the Bible read out loud at MIQRA?
Yes. We read the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation in 72 hours! The reading is voluntary and participants take turns reading in shifts around the clock.

What else happens along with the reading?
So many fun things happen at MIQRA! We play wacky games like Church Commandos and Nave Olympics. We have a movie night. We worship with the Mustard Seeds, our diocesan youth band. Participants attend engaging workshops on various biblical topics and hear clergy speak about the bible. Those who attend also meet with a small group several times to make friends and talk about what they’re discovering about the Bible through the event.

Why do we have this event?
The Bible is obviously important to the Christian faith, but many Christians may not know what’s in it, may find it difficult to read, or may not know how it is relevant to their life. This event offers teens a chance to come together, make friends, ask questions, and learn about God’s love letter to the world.

When: Saturday, January 18, 2020, 1 pm to Monday, January 20, 2020, 10:30 am
Where: Grace Cathedral, 701 SW 8th Ave., Topeka, KS
Who: Grades 6-12
Fee: $55 (if this is your first ever diocesan youth event, pay just $30)
Priority Deadline: Friday, January 3, 2020 (price increases by $15 after this date)
Registration forms: click here!

Middle School Retreat

This is a weekend retreat for middle school students and will be planned by the youth commission. Each year a different, timely topic will be selected to guide the program. So, while we won’t know specifics until closer to the date, we do know there will be yummy food, good friends, time to sing, hang-out, and be in Christian community together.

When: May 1-3, 2020
Where: TBA
Who: Grades 6-8
Cost: $55 ($70 after April 17)
Registration Forms: will be available here starting March 1


Happening is a Christian Experience by youth for youth. It’s a weekend retreat, focusing on Jesus and what he taught. There are games, music, great food, and a chance to talk with peers about things that really matter.

When: Happening #94 will be July 24-26, 2020
Where: St. David’s, Topeka
Who: Youth in grades 9-12 (including rising 9th graders)
Fee: $55 ($70 after June 14)
Priority deadline: Friday, July 17, 2020
Registration form: Posted April 27, 2020

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