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I've been attending St. David's pretty much since I arrived in Topeka in February of 2010.  How did I find this place?  I went on to the Internet and looked at what Episcopal churches were in Topeka.  Many people use such resources to find places of worship in new areas.  However, one thing has not changed in the seven years I've been here - the St. David's web site.

Yes, our site had the basic information on it.  However, in this digital age, you don't want to stagnate.  Things need to be kept fresh and up-to-date.  Information has to be easy to find.  Communication about the parish is paramount.  People generally want to be "in the know."

I've been doing web master duties for about a year now, and frankly have pushed our site as far as I could using the technology and software at hand.  What we had was a hodgepodge of Wordpress with Dreamweaver generated pages thrown in.  When updating that site, you had to login to a Wordpress back-end, use an FTP program, and also use Dreamweaver.  It was a chore, and the result was sets of pages that often did not share a common theme.

For the last several months I have been working on a new site based on a different software platform.  Everything is now contained within that platform; it has no separate back-end and does not require other software to maintain and update.  This streamlines updates and makes all the work much quicker and easier.  Further, since everything is contained on one platform, it presents one common theme.

So, Welcome to our new St. David's web site!

A number of things have changed.  The menu structure at the top is different.  Our leadership pages have photos of all the clergy, staff and Vestry members and brief bios so newcomers can get an idea of who is who.  The home page contains everything a new person would want to know - who we are, when services are, how to find/contact us, etc.  It will also contain important information about short notice changes.  All of the various ministries are now represented with easy to reach pages.  The Social Zone menu contains links to our news feed, photo galleries and Master Calendar.  The blog feed will rotate through various ministries and leaders to share their thoughts with the parish.  All publications - the weekly ATT, monthly Messenger, Vestry Minutes, and Annual Meeting reports - are now collected in one place, quickly accessible through the main menu.  The background color will rotate colors as the liturgical seasons change.  Important items have dedicated hot links located underneath the main menu.

As time passes, we may add or subtract various features that are available as discussions are had as to what we wish our site to do.  More will follow about those changes.

I welcome feedback regarding this work.  I hope to continue to evolve our Internet presence.  If you have suggestions, feel free to email me at webadmin@stdavidschurch.com!

Bryan Irvine
Website Administrator


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