Welcome to St. David’s

Our Vision:
With God’s help,
we strive to be servants of Jesus Christ.
We seek joyful worship,
faithful teaching and continued learning.
We create an accepting and loving fellowship
where there is a place at the table for every person.

Recent News & Announcements


The 5 P.M. Service on 4 July 2015 has been cancelled.  Instead, we encourage you to attend the special service at Grace Cathedral at 10 A.M.  There will be regular Sunday services on 5 July, and the Saturday service will be held as usual again on 11 July.  The after-service wine and cheese reception has been rescheduled to 11 July as well.

Dear Ones,

As I write this, I am sitting in my study and reflecting on transitions. Someone said that the only thing constant is change — and I find that to be so true.

I am so grateful to have been called back to St. David’s to serve as your Interim Rector. As many of you know, I moved to Topeka (and St. David’s) back n 1991, as I was preparing for my work toward my MSW at the University of Kansas in Lawrence. I remember walking through the doors of St. David’s that first time with my two little children, and being welcomed so warmly. Then, as time went on, the good people of St. David’s first lifted me up to be a Deacon, and then in 2004 sent me off to Seminary to become a priest.

The work you have engaged in, both inside and outside the walls of St. David’s has had an important impact within Topeka – and far beyond … and I am so excited to be with you as you enter into a phase of discernment — looking forward to calling your next Rector.

I will begin making my way westward in mid-July and am looking forward to seeing you the weekend of July 25-26 — getting reacquainted with some of you…and getting to know many of you for the ‘first time’. I want to hear your stories — listen to your dreams — and walk this new path with you for a Season or two.

Grace and Peace,

Mthr. Betty+

22 Jun 2015


Although it has been on a short hiatus, the Messenger, our monthly newsletter, is starting back up.

Please send any articles or information you would like published to:  messenger@stdavidschurch.com.  Please submit the information by the first or second of the month so we can have it out by around the 4th or 5th of the month.

We are also looking for a volunteer who will be willing to take this on for a longer term.  If interested, please contact me at bryan@stdavidschurch.com.

20 Jun 2015

Interim Rector

We are proud to announce our Interim Rector, The Rev. Betty Glover.  Mtr. Glover is coming to us from St. Phillips Episcopal Church in Southport, North Carolina where she has served as Interim Rector since January 2014.  She will be joining us in mid-July!  Welcome, Mtr. Glover!!


Several people were wondering if they could get a copy of Fr. Don’s final sermon. I’ve uploaded it in PDF Format. To read it please click HERE.

There are a limited number of hard copies available as well.  See Bryan Irvine if interested.